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The company Temax Americas is part of the KRAUTZ-TEMAX group and is specialized in the development and manufacturing of passive cooling solutions (thermal packaging) for the logistics and distribution of time-temperature sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals & healthcare products, perishables and food products, flowers, chemicals etc...

TEMAX USA Chicago Illinois

Temax Americas contains only warehousing activities and no commercial services.
Please contact our head quarters in Europe for all sales related questions.

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The company Temax Americas in Illinois will contribute to the global presents of the Temax group and will oversee the distribution of products to North America, South America and Canada. At the moment, the Illinois plant functions as a warehouse and distribution center in which the products are supplied by the European manufacturing plants.

With this USA plant, we as Temax group hope to offer our American and Canadian customers better service and supply guarantees in their critical shipments of time-temperature sensitive products such as food products, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, flowers, etc...

Directly at O'Hare International Airport

When the Temax group selected their first plant-location in the US, the choice was made for Illinois and its O'Hare International Airport. O'Hare Airport is known for its very strong reputation on cargo movement and growth on the airfreight of perishables and healthcare products. This offered the ideal opportunity for the Krautz-Temax group to establish their US supply chain on thermal packaging systems for the airfreight of time-temperature sensitive products. The Temax facility is only 25min drive from O'Hare international Airport.

Temax products in USA

The Temax thermal packaging systems are manufactured by the Krautz-Temax group and transferred to the US warehouse facility in Illinois. All products can be tailor made according to the requirements and needs of the customer in regards to temperature preservation, handling, implementation in existing processes, etc.... Temax also offers a range of ready-to-use standard products which have been qualified and validated by Pharmaceutical manufacturers for the transport of their time-temperature products. these products are also direct available in the US location.

Available in TEMAX USA
- Thermal blankets Temax-4000 on rolls for insulating pallets
- Thermal blankets SET Temax-4000 (pre-cut thermal blankets) for insulating pallets
- Thermal blankets Temax-4000 on rolls for insulating PMC-ULD Airplane pallets

TEMAX Pharma+ quality standards

The Temax US division will be operating under the corporate Temax-Pharma+ standard which is written in the Q.A.P. "Quality Assurance Procedures" according to ISO-9001:2015. All products will produced according to these standards and will be made available in the US plant. The operations of the US division and its commercial service to the US customers will be maintained by the Krautz-Temax group and will be expand to local service centers in the near future. Hereby we hope to offer our American and Canadian customer optimal service.

TEMAX Pharma for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare cold chain thermal packaging

Manufacturing and recycling

In the near future, the Krautz-Temax group will invest in a special US manufacturing and recycling plant. This plant will manufacture the Temax products according to the written Q.A.P. quality standards and will function as hub for the entire Americas requirements.

The recycling plant will function as a return-flow of used Temax thermal packaging products for our customers. The goal of this plant is to create a re-use of basic materials to reduce the impact on the ecological footprint as stated in our "THINK GREEN" Philosophy.

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